Tuesday, September 24, 2019

Esaay Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Esaay - Essay Example The paper will explore my career objective, learning style, my team role, personal attributes and abilities as a mathematician in computer science and information technology. My career objective is to work for a reputable organization as top-level management in the fields of finance, management, public service or actuarial management where I would be able to use my mathematical and analytical skills to solve mathematical problems related to computer science. I will also be able to use my outgoing personality, enthusiasms, positive attitude, and will to work as a team to enhance the performance of the organization. Learning style preference is a factor that dictates the things that students learn and the ease with which they are learnt. This is because they have the potential of exerting powerful manipulation on the learning effectiveness. For this reasons, Honey and Mumford formulated a four learning style questionnaires that learners may prefer to adopt and a preferred learning methodology. These include the activist, reflectors, theorist, and pragmatism learning styles. I being interested in mathematics that requires deep analytical and complex computations and my preference of working as a team, I prefer the pragmatic learning style. This is because it allows me to ask questions on the spot from my lecturers who are experts in the field of mathematics. Pragmatic learning style enables discussion with my colleagues easy as one who is more knowledgeable in a particular area is given a chance to demonstrate to others the problem instead of struggling as an individual making trial and error as is the case with activist style (Pont 87) Leaning power refers to the skills and psychological traits that enable learners to engage effectively in diverse learning challenges. In this regard I believe that I posses different learning traits and powers that has seen me improve and get good marks in mathematics. My

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